Friday, February 7, 2014

Felt sense

Distractions: Stress originating from school, tiredness,
Whats on my mind: School is on my mind.
Now that I have a list, is there anything I else I left out:  Basketball IS LIFE, Going to Virginia Tech, Studying for my test today and Monday.
What could I begin to write about: If I could write about anything, It would be Basketball.
Write all associations I know about this topic: Some associations I know about this topic are team sport,

  • I played for 5 years
  • It is a team sport
  • A point is scored every time the ball enters the inside of the net.
  • La Lakers
  • Kobe Bryant (My dad)
  • Kevin Durant (Second favorite and best player, my brother)
  • Ball is Life mixtapes

     What makes this topic interesting: Because I am very passionate about this topic.
Describe the feeling: This topic is on my mind a lot, and I have a feeling in my heart for this topic.
Deadend: This was not a hard topic for me. 
Whats missing: Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, D wayde.
Does this feel complete: No, it does not

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  1. Well if you say "Ball is life" watch this and go get buckets!