Friday, February 7, 2014

Felt sense

Distractions: Stress originating from school, tiredness,
Whats on my mind: School is on my mind.
Now that I have a list, is there anything I else I left out:  Basketball IS LIFE, Going to Virginia Tech, Studying for my test today and Monday.
What could I begin to write about: If I could write about anything, It would be Basketball.
Write all associations I know about this topic: Some associations I know about this topic are team sport,

  • I played for 5 years
  • It is a team sport
  • A point is scored every time the ball enters the inside of the net.
  • La Lakers
  • Kobe Bryant (My dad)
  • Kevin Durant (Second favorite and best player, my brother)
  • Ball is Life mixtapes

     What makes this topic interesting: Because I am very passionate about this topic.
Describe the feeling: This topic is on my mind a lot, and I have a feeling in my heart for this topic.
Deadend: This was not a hard topic for me. 
Whats missing: Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, D wayde.
Does this feel complete: No, it does not

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Mr. Sweeney recently gave us the sheet with the topics for our research papers. He is doing it a little differently this semester. Instead, the sheet we were handed had a variety of different subjects to choose from. Some of these subjects ranged from mass media to sexuality. So instead of Sweeney giving us the topic, the class had to unanimously agree on three of the subjects from the list. He gave us time in class to talk to one another to find common interests. I feel the outcome did not plan out as he had pictured in his head when he thought of this whole idea. We could not, as a class, agree on three topics. Not many people (including myself) were willing to compromise on some of the issues the other classmates were interested in. Some classmates did try to use some persuasive techniques like explaining why the issue they wanted could work for their benefit. As good as that idea sounds, it was not a very good success. They were stubborn to side with topic picked by their classmates and were just willing to choose their own. This incident did come to me at a particular time during our discussion. Many classmates wanted to choose sexuality as a subject, but I had disagreed. It's not that I have a disliking towards the groups of people in the subject, it's just the fact that I wanted to at least get a topic I would actually have a little caring about in order to write a good honest paper. But this subject I would not have much to write about, due to the fact that one, I dont care too much about the whole controversial issues about rights and what not. Two, I kind of disagree about some issues, but I don't want to go in to detail about why I don't agree and offend anyone, and I just don't like discussing it with others. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


For my last research paper, I decided to write an argumentative essay on the Death Penalty. Unlike the last two papers, I chose an issue I felt strongly about and had much to say about. As many people agree with the usage of the death penalty, I for one do not side choose to side with these individuals. The Death penalty (also known as Capital punishment) has been around for thousands of years. Capital punishment continues to be used in the United States despite controversy over its usage. There is also controversy over its effectiveness as a deterrent to serious crime. The Death penalty is the most severe form of corporal punishment.  It requires law enforcement officers to end the life of a convicted offender.  Many Americans feel that the death penalty is the “right” thing to do. These reasons range from the death penalty being used as a means of deterrence to a means of retribution. But I happen to disagree with the reasons put forth in front of me, and disagree with having capital punishment in a whole. I feel like a deterrent could be equal to life inside the prison instead of ending the criminal’s life instantly. Additionally, I feel as though the act of killing one for their crime of murder does not make that killing any more just, killing is killing.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We had another one of those group discussions in Mr.Sweeney's class. This time, we got to write any discussion questions that we could think of on a card and converse with each other about the subject. One of the discussions I participated in was about the death penalty. Of course like many other Americans, majority of students in the class room said they agree with the usage of the death penalty. I for one disagree with its presence. Many of the students arguments were that the many people deserved to die if they killed someone else. My argument and response to that was I felt that it does not make the situation any better to kill someone for a wrong doing. Your judging an individual for taking someone's life, yet you are doing the same deed as they have done. Either you way you look at it killing is killing. You can sugar coat with morals anyway you like but the justice system is doing the same thing they are judging other people on. I also feel like not only are they doing the same sin, but they are trying to play the role of God, and its very obvious. I feel like no single man has the right to deny life and judge others for any reason, considering the fact that they are far from perfect in themselves.

Grammar Schmamar

My group and I presented our Grammar Schmamar projects. I was hoping to make the presentation better than the first group we seen. They were a little disorganized, so I was hoping not to follow in those same footsteps. My group created a slideshow presentation depicting the uses of commas and semicolons. We each read aloud the meanings of them both and then examples on how to use them. After we presented when to use commas and semicolons, we showed sentences that required either a comma or a semicolon, and asked students for the class to show where one would be located. For every right answer, the student received a piece of candy from the bag.


For my second out-of-class event, I decided to attend a Richard Bland Basketball scrimmage. When Mr.Sweeney informed us that this counted as an event, I quickly jumped at the chance to go because Basketball is a passion for me, so the fact that I could go to a game and it count for my class made it all the better for me. Needless to say, I was expecting more from the Statesman team. I had played with a few of them during gym hours before, so I was expected a really good college game from then. It was nerve racking when they could barely bring the ball up the court and produced numerous turnovers in the start of the game. I know they have good handles from seeing them play before, but i wasn't showing up when game was going. I can admit, alot of the players on the team have a nice shooting ability and good athleticism, but you need substance to back it up to create a shot and create plays. That's were handling the ball comes into play.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Break $$

During Fall break, I didn't not have the opportunity to go home like a number of other residents did. I was scheduled to work and close that weekend, so I was stuck at Bland. I did however go home for a few hours on Sunday and hang with my mom. We haven't had the chance to just sit down and relax together. So when
I got there she had already rented a movie i had been dying to see called "This Is The End". The previews were hilarious, so I was pretty excited to watch it. She also ordered Papa Johns pizza, which I love. "This Is The End" was such a great and humorous movie. It was about a group of friends who were stuck on Earth during the infamous rapture. Some people might not believe in the rapture, but I am one of the ones who do. This fact made the movie even more interesting for me. All the events that took place during that time they were stuck was hilarious. At first, I just thought they were all going to die, but when each one of them did a noble deed, they were shot up to heaven.